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Updated: May 9


Handbags are more than just a statement piece that can elevate any outfit. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or just starting a build-bag collection, these words will help you navigate the world of handbags with flair and confidence.


Tip 1: Know your handbag and personal style, which are vital for any occasion.

+ Consider your usual outfits and lifestyle when selecting a handbag so that it complements you.

+ Pro tip: Match stuff up using tote bags to crossbody/shoulder bags, like the 3 Love Hearts brand.

Two handbags -one Shoulder bag and one Tote bag
The Stardust shoulder and the Wishes Tote bag


Tip 2: Invest in Quality

+ Quality GlamBagsGalore handbags are worth the investment, as they are made from high-quality materials like the leathers from the 3 Love Hearts brand.

+ Pro tip: Opt for classic styles and neutral colours that Play with Texture and Details for your handbag collection, which can create visual interest. For a unique touch, consider handbags with embossed patterns like the Stardust Shoulder bag from 3 Love Hearts Handbags, tassels, or hardware details.

+ Second Pro tip: Mix and match suede fur jackets or metallic finishes for a bold look.


Tip 3: Embrace Statement Pieces

+ Statement pieces can elevate a simple outfit and make a bold fashion statement.

+ Experiment with vibrant colours or bold prints, which would add a playful twist to your look.

+ Pro tip: Let your statement handbag be the focal point of your outfit by keeping the rest of your ensemble minimalistic.


Tip 4: Stay Organised

+ A well-organised handbag is stylish but makes it easier to find your essentials (that's the most important thing, right!).

+ Invest in handbags with multiple compartments and pockets to keep them neatly arranged.

+ Pro tip: pouches or organisers to separate and categorise items like keys, fobs, and tech gadgets are great for easy access.



Mastering handbag styling is all about understanding your style, investing in quality pieces with textures and details, embracing your style, and staying organised. Following these style tips, you'll be able to curate a handbag collection that reflects and elevates your fashion. Happy styling!

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